Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Will They Come Up With Next?

As an employee of a major electronics retailer, I get to try most cameras that are presently on the market, for this particular post there are a couple that come to mind: The Canon SD980, Sony T90, Samsung ST550 and the Nikon S230. What do all these cameras have in common? They are all touch screen cameras...Now, what if I was to tell you that Canon, in there infinite wisdom (sarcasm intended) has submitted a patent to the US Trademark Office that involves a touch screen DSLR...that's right folks touch screen...DLSR...

After some intense Googlin' (word), I believe I have found the actual patent that my references have referred to (link posted below). While reading this 13 page patent report, which I've been told is actually quite short for a patent report, I experienced several emotions. At first I was confused, why would anyone need a touch screen on a DSLR, but then I thought about the Canon SD980, which has touch-auto focus, which is actually quite handy. Then I got negative, after trying the Sony T90 and the Nikon S230 and not really being impressed with there response, or lack thereof, I thought that this could turn into that. Finally, I felt hopeful, that maybe a feature like this might just take photography forward.

I am often in favour of change, especially when it means that photography can be experienced by a new group of people, everybody wants to learn how to take a good picture, they are just afraid of the cumbersome and awkward layout of most DSLRs (Canon, I'm looking at you). All those buttons and switches, it can be a hassle, but we all hope it's worth it in the end. If Canon can execute this correctly, which I think requires a simple on/off switch, I think it will be a big hit. Most people gawked at the thought of seeing your sensor's activity in real time (live-view) and even more people were in an uproar when HD Video was introduced, but time soldiers on and cameras continue to become an extension of ourselves. Check out the links below and post a comment as to what you think of a touch screen on a DSLR.

US Patent 20090262211
Photography Bay (really silly images, be warned...)

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