Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Will They Come Up With Next?

As an employee of a major electronics retailer, I get to try most cameras that are presently on the market, for this particular post there are a couple that come to mind: The Canon SD980, Sony T90, Samsung ST550 and the Nikon S230. What do all these cameras have in common? They are all touch screen cameras...Now, what if I was to tell you that Canon, in there infinite wisdom (sarcasm intended) has submitted a patent to the US Trademark Office that involves a touch screen DSLR...that's right folks touch screen...DLSR...

After some intense Googlin' (word), I believe I have found the actual patent that my references have referred to (link posted below). While reading this 13 page patent report, which I've been told is actually quite short for a patent report, I experienced several emotions. At first I was confused, why would anyone need a touch screen on a DSLR, but then I thought about the Canon SD980, which has touch-auto focus, which is actually quite handy. Then I got negative, after trying the Sony T90 and the Nikon S230 and not really being impressed with there response, or lack thereof, I thought that this could turn into that. Finally, I felt hopeful, that maybe a feature like this might just take photography forward.